We are grateful for the many global travels our extended Lynch family has experienced over the past decade, having been able to experience so many contrasting and unique cultures and adventures! The notion that possessions or assets last and experiences do not is a fundamental fallacy. Once a trip has been taken, it is certainly not the end, as we carry its lasting reflections with us. We feel the trip itself becomes a kind of asset that sustains us with life-long family memories!

One of our favorite intrepid clients shared with us this quote from Francis Ford Coppola, which we feel succinctly encapsulates our view of global family travel:

“The ultimate luxury is traveling with family. At a certain point in your life, you get the idea that if you buy a new car it’s a big thrill for about a week. After a while, it no longer continues to give you pleasure. Material objects are short-lived, but memories of travel with family and friends live forever.”