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We are purveyors of global private travel (Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, and the South Pacific).

Who We Are

By the very nature of what we do as a luxury travel agency, each Kipling and Clark private tour is custom and unique unto itself, based on your specific interests and wishes. Our services are singular, high-touch and personal. In contrast to a more ostentatious style, our sense of luxury is subtle, understated, aesthetically pleasing and experiential.

Luxury travel vacation in the mountains
With an expansive and tight-knit network of local guides and boutique hotels across the globe, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide high-touch experiences that go beyond mass tourism. Each itinerary is specifically tailored to you and your particular interests, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.
Owners of Kipling & Clark, a high end travel company
The Lynch Family in Tuscany, Italy

The Lynch Family

Kipling & Clark was initially founded upon our love for exploring distant lands within the context of private, independent travel. As the founder and CEO, I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the globe’s many compelling cultures and lively landscapes with my wife, Bev, and teenage daughter, Zen. After visiting Burma as her first overseas trip at age 4, Zen has become a truly intrepid traveler! Since then, our extended Lynch Family has embarked on more than 30 global private tours, creating rich, deep memories that we hold dear.

Passion for Our Craft
Our passion for our craft is unfettered and unrestrained. We truly enjoy what we do and are grateful and humbled for the array of noteworthy clients we serve.

Giving Back

At Kipling & Clark, we always offer our clients a unique, carefully thought out social or environmental dimension as an option during their trip. Many of our clients, particularly the younger ones, find these activities eye-opening – a real world contrast to their privileged lives back home.

Local children part of a Kipling & Clark travel vacation

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