Our Hidden Iceland Gem: Drangey Island

Our Drangey Island Overview 

Our Lynch tribe’s favorite half-day adventure private tour excursion while staying at our beloved DEPLAR FARM is the tiny uninhabited, flat-topped volcano rock, Drangey Island. The island’s 590 foot cliffs provide ideal nesting sites for thousands of puffins, razorbills, gannets and kittiwakes. A short boat ride from the small village of Skagafjorour takes you to Drangey’s make-shift jetty, where the Drangey guide extraordinaire “GQ” Helgi guides you up the steep path winding up the rock.

Helgi and his father Viggo en route to Drangey Island

The path begins over rocks, followed by better footing, on to a more narrow path, and finally leads steeply up to a flat platform overlooking the opposite bay. From this point, those of us who experience acrophobia/fear of heights (that is, yours truly, RL!), may feel some anxiety about moving forward. However, Helgi and the DEPLAR FARM guides are right there with you offering encouragement and hand’s on support(!). The path then continues, clinging to the cliff edge, and ascends up a metal ladder to finally access the heavenly rolling meadow above… bravo!


Zen, Helgi, and a puffin pose for a picture!

From the island’s meadow and its scenic views, Helgi delivers a brief history of Drangey’s Icelandic sagas and how the island became a hideout for bandits. Remarkably, Helgi carefully and gingerly snatches puffins in midair so that all may hold, study, and of course, safely release, making for a unique photo opportunity (much like Zen above!).

After a brief rest, travel back down the same path, embark Viggo’s boat, and enjoy the trip back to Skagafjorour. During the short boat trip back we luckily experienced the best whale watching of our Iceland travels(!). When safely back at DEPLAR FARM, you can comfortably reflect on your uniquely FUN day!

Based on the steep ascents and descents, with only ropes and ladders to hold onto on the cliffs for much of the path, we do not recommend the Drangey Island tour for those with a severe fear of heights. A moderate level of fitness is required.