PIGMENT TOKYO: A Colorful Experience

Our “Pigment Tokyo” Overview 

Our Lynch tribe is always looking for fun/unique experiences in every corner of the world. With Japan being one of our favorite destinations, each time we visit we find something new to revel in. Most recently, that experience is Pigment Tokyo, absolute eye candy for any artist out there! Even if art is not your forte, do not fret! Anyone with an imagination and appreciation for design, color, and a fun time will enjoy their time at Pigment. 

Upon entering, your eyes will wonder what direction to look first. From the art-deco interior style with its “swirly” ceiling, to the rainbow of pigment colors along the wall in every color imaginable, to the impressive collection of paintbrushes ranging from the size of a carrot to the size of a broom – you’re instantly transformed from the real world to a wonderland of possibility. In its truest form, Pigment is an art supply store. However, it boasts not only a selection of goods for artists of all kinds, it also houses a workshop lab, a museum, and an art academy… all in one!

First and foremost, the design of the Pigment building needs to be highlighted. Architect Kengo Kuma drew inspiration from artists themselves to create this paradise for not just them, but those that appreciate the arts alike. The stunning and intricate bamboo canopy lines the ceiling to bring what was once simply a “box” to life! This character aspect to Pigment is so profound, that Kuma decided to extend the bamboo feature to the outside of the building. This allows passerby’s to not only recognize the Pigment signature look, but to make the entire building itself a work of art. 


The Workshop Lab

A visit to Pigment should include a hands-on experience such as one of their many workshop opportunities! It’s impossible to visit and not allow yourself the opportunity to indulge in the vast assortment of colors, techniques, and professionals on site. Our favorite workshop has to be the “Introduction to Mineral Pigments” class teaching the basic use of lwa-enogu (mineral pigments) and explaining how color is extracted from natural minerals and utilized in artistry. The colors aren’t just bold and beautiful on their own – they contain fragments of the mineral they are extracted from and portray the texture of the material as well as the pigment. It is perfect for beginners as the drawings are already made up, you simply have the fun task of coloring them in! This workshop is suitable for both adults and children and is about an hour and a half in length. Other fun workshops include “Creating Original Paints”, “Introduction to Metal Leaf”, “Learn Japanese Traditional Art Materials”, “Creating Original Color Wheel”, and more!

If you are looking for anything specific to create or work with, Pigment is also happy to host a private workshop!


Supply Shop

Aside from that beautiful wall of color pigments that are all for purchase (!), Pigment offers an extensive list of materials for artists of all kinds. For example, if watercolor is your preference, you can find watercolor paints, kits, sets, and even ceramic palettes. If you have a favorite artist that you get inspiration from, you may even be as lucky to find a set of specific pigments picked out personally by that artist (!) to be purchased in a box set to recreate the style of work and inspire you to get as close to that artists’ niche as possible. Artist Ikenaga Yasunari, for example, has picked out colors from green to nude to black in order to assist aspiring artists to achieve a similar color scheme portrayed in  his feminine portraits. Aside from paints and pigments, the store also sells some of the most luxury paintbrushes in the world, made from rare and higher-level quality materials. Brushes range from what fits the needs of a beginner painter all the way to the thinnest high-quality brush for a professional calligrapher. The wall of paintbrushes upon entry will surely give you a visual representation of the extensive inventory on site!