Why Should you Consider Travel Insurance?

We highly recommend booking travel insurance for your Kipling & Clark private tour, as it ensures peace of mind during your travels abroad. After many years of filing claims with various travel insurance companies, we find our clients have had the most ease using AIG’s Travel Guard for both the initial booking and claim filing processes. The comprehensive coverage offered by a travel insurance policy safeguards your travel investment, offering financial protection against influences beyond control, such as cancellations, delays, and interruptions. With exclusive benefits tailored to your specific private tour (including additional add-ons available!), you can travel stress-free knowing that your voyage is secured throughout. We encourage you to book a policy independently by clicking here, or you may contact us for general questions/concerns.


Please peruse the different AIG Travel Guard coverage options below.

AIG Travel Guard’s Plans

Deluxe Plan

The Deluxe Plan is the highest level of coverage available, and, we feel, the best option to protect your Kipling and Clark private tour. This plan represents the pinnacle of comprehensive coverage, providing an extensive array of benefits. This level of coverage includes robust protection against trip cancellations, medical emergencies, baggage loss or theft, and even extra coverages such as security evacuation. This premium option is most suitable for those embarking on a high-value or extended trip, particularly on an international or high-risk basis. While this plan is the most expensive option, the investment ensures maximum security and peace of mind.

We feel the Deluxe Plan is the best overall choice for those prioritizing unparalleled protection and looking for a worry-free travel experience. For a high-cost trip, it is always best to yield the level of insurance to equate to and equally protect the value of your very special sojourn.

*Please click the general coverage information image to the right to be linked to EXACT coverage details by STATE of residence. 


Preferred Plan

The Preferred Plan is the “middle” level of coverage offered by AIG TravelGuard. We recommend this tier of insurance to our clients as the minimum standard for protecting their Kipling & Clark private tour. The Preferred Plan is the perfect balance between affordability and comprehensive coverage. It provides a robust package that includes all the essential benefits such as trip cancellation (if cancelled due to a covered reason), baggage protection, and medical coverage. This option is ideal for travelers who are seeking to pay a reasonable cost without sacrificing important safeguards. This plan is a prudent investment to mitigate financial risks associated with unexpected events during the trip.

With all this being said, it is also important to note that with this plan, you can add-on such benefits as CFAR (cancel for any reason), wedding bundle, adventure sports bundle, and many more. These options are not available to add to the Essential Plan. Those embarking on trips that have specific needs or enduring high-risk activities may find this plan to be the most beneficial. Ultimately, this middle level of insurance is a sensible choice for many, offering a well-rounded safeguard against various travel-related uncertainties.

*Please click the general coverage information image to the right to be linked to EXACT coverage details by STATE of residence. 


Essential Plan

While the lowest level of travel insurance may provide basic coverage, it is important to note that we typically do not recommend using the Essential Plan for your Kipling & Clark luxury private tour due to its limited scope. This option is typically obtained by those looking for a budget-friendly solution with minimal protection. However, we do not feel this option is best for our clients as it welcomes the possibility of leaving travelers vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances due to its restrictions and exclusions.

For comprehensive peace of mind, we encourage exploring the higher tier plans available, that offer broader coverage and additional/optional benefits, ensuring a more secure and enjoyable travel experience.

*Please click the general coverage information image to the right to be linked to EXACT coverage details by STATE of residence. 


Comparing Coverage at a Glance


Additional Coverage Options 

(Available only with Deluxe and Preferred Plans)


If you decide to purchase either a Deluxe or Preferred policy, you will have the option to add-on additional coverage at cost. These additional options are available for those seeking extra layers of protection tailored to their specific needs. This customizable approach allows travelers to enhance their insurance with supplementary features such as adventure sports, extra medical coverage, or coverage for high-value items. While it comes at an additional cost (unless included in the Deluxe policy as indicated with a checkmark), these add-on options ensure a personalized and comprehensive safeguard.