2018 Scouting Report of The M/C Endemic

The M/C Endemic is the Galápagos Islands’ newest luxury catamaran, just launched July 8, 2018. The week of August 26, 2018, I was able to scout the Endemic while it was docked at Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island. This was a follow-up to Randy’s previous vessel scouting trip in 2016.  Having scouted five luxury yachts and catamarans previous to my Endemic inspection, I had a good feel for the services, as well as amenities, each luxury boat offered. That being said, the M/C Endemic certainly lived up to the hype as the premier luxury catamaran in the Galápagos. With a cap of 16 passengers and 11 crew members with the addition of an experienced naturalist guide, one can be assured that the experience aboard the Endemic is most personal.

Loung Area on the Sky Deck

While the previous catamarans and yachts were impressive, the Endemic introduced a new era to the catamaran. The lounge area on the Main Deck set a precedent on what was to follow during the rest of the inspection: high ceilings, elegantly clean decor, and an airy atmosphere. This modern simplicity focused on complimenting all the beauty that sat outside its windows, rather than drawing attention through intricate ornamentation in its interior. The absolute highlight of its architecture was the floor to ceiling windows.  The Endemic is the first luxury vessel to have a complete panoramic view, expanding through suites and social areas. Natural light seeped into every corner of the Endemic, gently reflecting on the pastel blues, evoking an ethos of the natural world within its walls.

Main Deck Front Lounge

All eight luxury cabins have personal climate control and floor to ceiling, sliding glass doors that open to a private balcony. Even the private bathrooms themselves have tinted glass walls that allow for the natural light to penetrate the smallest quarters within the room. Each suite also housed a small sitting area for those wanting some privacy. A desk, drawer, and sofa-bed are included in this space. Four luxury suites are located on the Main Deck, just outside a wide hallway, lined with rails for assistance. The other four suites are located on the Upper Deck. What I found incredibly pleasing was that passengers could access the Upper Deck from the Main Deck, via an interior staircase. Based on my five previous inspections, I did not see this on any other catamaran or yacht, where passengers had to exit the Main Deck and use an exterior, steeper staircase. For those needing a single occupancy, the Endemic does feature a single cabin and does not require a single supplement. Please note, there are no laundry services available aboard the Endemic.

Endemic Suite

There is no shortage of lounge areas for the Endemic’s 16 passengers. The front lounge area on the Main Deck serves as the primary meeting point to review the day’s itinerary. The Upper Deck offers front and rear areas for wildlife observation, as well as relaxation. Lastly, the Sky Deck, which is the uppermost level, has an expansive seating area, jacuzzi, grill, and of course, a bar. The construction of the Upper Deck shades a portion of the area to protect you from the strong equatorial sun. 

Endemic Sky Deck

The M/C Endemic prides itself on having an adaptable schedule, with their itineraries ranging from four to 15 days. Itineraries have been worked out based on guest, guide, and captain feedback. At the helm of the Endemic is Captain Rodrigo Toro Garces, who has a native understanding of the islands and the unique distinction of being the first captain to sail  HIDROJETS propulsion boats. This is a young boat, but certainly worthy of everyone’s attention.

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Main Deck Front Dining Area
Main Deck Rear Lounge
Upper Deck Front Patio
Upper Deck Rear Patio