Kipling & Clark | April 2, 2015 Kipling & Clark Global Private Travel Snapshot
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08 May April 2, 2015 Kipling & Clark Global Private Travel Snapshot


April 2, 2015
Kipling & Clark
Global Private Travel Snapshot
Africa Safari Camps |Zen’s Journal


Greetings friends, clients, and trusted global suppliers!


Please enjoy reading our brief snapshot covering our beloved South Africa region, including our Top 5 Favorite Luxury Safari Camps of Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia. Similar to the unique aquatic-centered wildlife of the Galapagos, the wildlife preserves of southern Africa offer most extraordinary game-viewing experiences.


The high-touch, eco-friendly luxury camps we have noted are ideal for a comfortable and safe family wildlife adventure. No exaggeration to say that Bev, Zen and I feel an African safari to be our most unique wildlife experience anywhere in the world! Each of the boutique camps described offer intimate, personal game-viewing experiences not offered in many other areas of Africa.


Although we consider these 5 camps our favorites, please note there are many high quality luxury safari camps throughout the region. We have used at least a dozen such camps over the past several years.


Many thanks and safe travels!


Randy Lynch





Being largely a semi-arid country the size of Texas, most areas can be visited year-round. The cool, dry season is approximately May through September. The wettest months are generally January and February.


Mombo Camp + Little Mombo

Mombo Camp – Consisting of 12 luxury tent suites (little Mombo and Mombo), Mombo Camp is the most coveted safari camp in Botswana, and perhaps one of the top two or three game lodges in all of Africa! Mombo faces a picturesque floodplain on the northern tip of Chiefs Island in the lush, fertile Okavango Delta. The locale affords a wealth of diverse game viewing, with a big emphasis on predators. Another big attraction is the area’s imposing hippo population. Mombo epitomizes high-touch quality. Past clients have raved about the safari experience here, noting the experienced/knowledgeable guides, the unique luxury accommodations and the amazing food. No hyperbole to state that the dining is similar to any Michelin star restaurant! Exceptional wildlife viewing, including a large leopard population.



Abu Camp (An Elephant Lovers Paradise)


Noted as Botswana’s premier elephant camp, Abu Camp (partly owned by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft and rated 6-Star!) has been completely rebuilt/refurbished. With only six individually decorated units (part tent/part cabin), this is an exclusive, unique safari locale. You may walk or ride with the camp’s trained herd of elephants. This expansive 450,000 acre private concession is set within the pristine area of the Okavango Delta. Other features include a well-stocked library and study, gym and swimming pool.



Vambura Plains


Consisting of two separate satellite camps with 14 luxury rooms overall (of which two accommodate families), Vumbura Plains has a stunning location overlooking a vast flood plain. Reflecting a more modern take on the safari camp experience, each room is raised off the ground, indoor + outdoor showers, and even a private plunge pool on each room’s deck. Similar to other Okavango camps, there is great predator game viewing here, from lions to wild dogs. The surrounding frogs’ late night serenades make for a blissful, heavenly sleep(!)




Rain is rare in this vast, sparsely populated country. Sunny most of the year, Namibia can be visited year-round.


Serra Cafema


This remote camp, set along the Kunene River (which acts as the border to Angola), is dominated by a truly stunning landscape of sand dunes and mountains. The 8 luxury thatch and canvas villas offer panoramic views of this remote, beautifully barren landscape. Being adjacent to the Kunene River, you will see plenty of the large Nile crocodiles. Other wildlife include zebras, springbok, gemsbok, and various reptiles. Another big plus here is interaction with the local semi-nomadic, handsome Himba people. The contrast in wildlife and environment make Serra Cafema/Namibia a nice complement to the wetlands of Okavango and Botswana.




Despite its patchy infrastructure, Zambia possesses some of the finest game-viewing in Africa. The best safari time is July through September. Rainy season is November through March.


Shumba (Lions!) Camp


This small, luxurious six-suite camp has a beautifully remote location on a tree island adjacent to Kafue National Park and the sweeping Busanga Plains. The plains provide hundreds of red lechwe, puku, roan antelope, and oribi, as well as crocodiles, hippos and currently a large pride of lions led by two dominating males. The camp’s main lodge is designed with a mix of African and colonial styles with adjoining panoramic deck and a small swimming pool. A fun, scenic option here is a hot air balloon over the wildlife-abundant plains. Limited to only six suites, Shumba is surely an intimate hands-on luxury safari experience.




Zen’s Journal


Greetings fellow global teen travelers!
  • With so many clients traveling during next week’s school spring break, my dad thinks we should stay home in Chicago. Sounds great to me–next week will be my Netflix binge week! (and no jet lag!)
  • Our 8th grade History class is having an interesting debate about our third president, Thomas Jefferson. Sorry, I am on the side that believes Jefferson was not quite the “all men are created equal” freedom-loving president that many believe him to be. Being a slave owner who believed his slaves needed to be treated almost like children, I feel Jefferson to be a hypocritical representative of equal rights.
  • Our Francis W. Parker Middle School “Mary Poppins” musical was a great success!


Thank you!