Kipling & Clark | IDYLLIC GREECE: May 19, 2017 Kipling & Clark Global Private Travel Snapshot
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IDYLLIC GREECE: May 19, 2017 Kipling & Clark Global Private Travel Snapshot


19 May IDYLLIC GREECE: May 19, 2017 Kipling & Clark Global Private Travel Snapshot

Idyllic, Historic Greece

The Parthenon, inaugurated in 432 B.C., was conceived to celebrate Athens’s victory in the 50-year war against the Persian Empire.

May 19, 2017

Kipling & Clark

Global Private Travel Snapshot

Greetings friends, clients, and trusted global suppliers!
Being avid devotees of Greek mythology/ancient history, Greece holds a very special place for our extended Lynch family. In addition to culturally-rich Athens(Parthenon + Bernard Tschumi-designed Acropolis Museum – noted as one of the top 10 museums in the world!), we enjoyPeloponnese, Hydra, and the clear, blue waters of the Cyclades Islands.
An outstanding overview of ancient Greece and Peloponnese is Donald Kagan’s book, The Peloponnesian War. Happy reading!

Please enjoy perusing our various images/observations of this interesting, idyllic land (+ Zen’s Journal!).
 Many thanks & safe travels,
Randy Lynch


Ancient ruins underneath the Acropolis Museum 
Greece has an incredible 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, with the Parthenon being certainly one of our favorites. Dedicated to the Goddess Athena and conceived in 447 B.C., the Parthenon is a mere 18 minute walk from the Acropolis Museum.
Another favorite historical site of ours is Delphi (dating back to the 8th century B.C.) and well worth the 2 hour trip from Athens. Of all the archeological sites in Greece, ancient Delphi is considered the one site with “spirit of place”. The Delphi location is quite stunning, built in the slopes of Mt. Parnassos, overlooking the Gulf of Corinth and extending onto a valley of cypress and olive trees.

Hotel Grand Bretagne

Although we are not big fans of 200+ size room luxury hotels, we certainly make an exception for the 5-Star 320-room Hotel Grande Bretagne. With no real peer inAthens, this completely restored luxury property is ideally located in Constitution Square, only a 20 minute walk to the Acropolis. Some of our favorite features here are the rooftop restaurant (striking views of the Acropolis + the best breakfast in Athens!), the full service spa, and heated indoor/outdoor pools (a must for family travel!).


Though skipped by many visitors to Greece, we feel Peloponnese to be a must-see destination, particularly for those interested in the myths and temples of the many Greek gods, as well as the ancient beginnings of the Olympics. Of special note culturally-rich Peloponnese includes three UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Mycena/Tiryns, Mystras and Olympia). A nice treat when crossing mainland Greece over the Isthmus of Corinth is the architecturally striking multi-span, cable-stayed Rio Antirio Bridge


Being our favorite luxury, boutique global brand, we always look for an AMAN in our various travels. Remarkably high-touch and singular in its approach in integrating its properties with local cultural traditions, AMAN is truly unparalleled. Set on an olive-tree covered hilltop complex of 38 pavilions, Amanzoe is AMAN’s only Greece property and we feel worth the trek from Athens, and only ten minutes from the quaint yachting village of Porti Heli. Similar to other AMAN resorts, the service here is singular and personal, with striking clean architecture, as the Amanzoe is designed to complement the Peloponnese local culture and setting. Each suite contains soaring windows, bedrooms that open onto patios and plunge pools and ultra-modern bathrooms (think huge showers!).


We feel that Hydra, the most picturesque of the nearby Saronic Gulf Islands, is a fun full-day excursion from Amanzoe.Completely void of cars, roads, scooters and even bikes (!), Hydra exists in pre-wheel times. Relying on your legs for transportation, donkeys are also omnipresent on the Island and available to carry luggage. You may also opt for a water taxi, taking you to and from various beaches and tavernas (small Greek restaurants serving authentic Greek cuisine).


The Cyclades Islands (sik-luh-dheez) so named because they form a klyklos (circle) around the island of Delos, perhaps the most intriguing ancient site on the Aegean Sea. The Cyclades are thought to have been inhabited since at least 7000 B.C. and consist of Santorini, Milo, Mykonos and several other small islands.
 Occupying a small 12 mile crescent of land, we feel Santorini to be the oneCyclades island that combines relaxation, entertainment, natural beauty, and ancient history. Considered one of the most desirable holiday spots in all of theMediterranean, Santorini has a well-developed tourism infrastructure, and many fun restaurants, cafes, bars and boutique shops. We feel Santorini’s innumerable picturesque, quaint villages are a big plus for spending time here. The villages’ unique architecture of small white houses built on reddish cliff sides, alongside the volcanic beaches, makes for an extraordinary setting and a great hike. An island blown apart by a cataclysmic volcanic eruption 2,500 years ago, the resultant caldera has created an almost mystic aura surrounding Santorini’s unique natural beauty.

Grace Santorini

The 21-room 5-Star Grace Santorini offers a modern/minimalist contemporary aesthetic. We rate the luxury 5-Star Grace and Mystique Hotels as the highest quality properties in Santorini. Rest assured the 2-bedroom villa here is truly spectacular; total 400 sq. m. (4,305 sq. ft.!) with its own private spa treatment room with steam bath and Jacuzzi. The villa’s double-level seating area and sundecks overlook your heated pool and outdoor fireplace. The hotel’s amenities include a striking infinity pool, a small gym and spa, and a noteworthy Greek restaurant (seafood specialty).

Mystique Hotel

The Mystique’s vertically-accented design ensures amazing views of the blue waters of the Aegean Sea from all suites’ private balconies (great views even from the bathrooms!). The hotel’s white-washed walls and floors blend nicely with the color/tones of the many picturesque villages of Santorini. Ringed by 1,000 ft. cliffs, it is certainly no hyperbole to say that the unobstructed views from all public areas of the Mystique are jaw-dropping (!) Due to the vertical design alongside the cliffs, the hotel’s cobblestone walkways, include many challenging stairs; attention to your feet and careful walking is respectfully recommended. 
Greetings Fellow Global Teen Travelers!
Below is a picture of my close friends soloing at Francis Parker School’s “Jazz Under the Stars.” They were so good!
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