Kipling & Clark | GLOBAL LUXURY: April 21, 2017 Kipling & Clark Global Private Travel Snapshot
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GLOBAL LUXURY: April 21, 2017 Kipling & Clark Global Private Travel Snapshot

Cape fur seals at Skeleton Coast

21 Apr GLOBAL LUXURY: April 21, 2017 Kipling & Clark Global Private Travel Snapshot

Africa &  South America 

High-Demand/Limited Availability:

Unique Lodges & Vessels

The highly sought-after, 7-suite, Hoanib Camp, Namibia must be booked 1 year in advance.
An otherworldly experience to see lions, giraffes, and elephants roaming the desert dunes (!)

April 21, 2017

Kipling & Clark

Global Private Travel Snapshot

Greetings friends, clients, and trusted global suppliers!
Based on the growing demand among high-end, global travelers for unique, luxury, adventure travel, we are highlighting specific areas of Africa and South America that require 9 months – 1 year advance booking. Small, extraordinary, luxury lodges and specific expedition vessels in areas of Namibia/Botswana as well as Galapagos/Patagonia/Peru have a worldwide demand, though limited availability.
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Hoanib Camp, Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast’s name derives from the whale and seal bones that once littered the shore from the whaling industry, although in modern times the coast harbours the skeletal remains of the shipwrecks caught by offshore rocks and fog. The Bushmen of the Namibian interior called the region “The Land God Made in Anger“, while Portuguese sailors once referred to it as “The Gates of Hell“.
Similar to Chief’s and Vumbura Camps in Botswana during the year-end and summer season, availability at the luxury 7-suite Hoanib Camp on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia is limited and must be requested at least one year in advance. Set in a private concession area, the stark desert landscape here is an otherworldly contrast from the Okavango Delta of Botswana. It is truly a wonderful experience to see elephants, lions, giraffe, and hyena, roaming the dunes of this arid environment. Another big plus is its 4 hour drive distance from Namibia’s shoreline, dotted with Cape fur seal colonies! Based on the area’s limited rainfall, Hoanib Camp is a year-round destination, though the local guides feel April – May offers the most idyllic conditions for lush, game-viewing.  With no WiFi here, this is a place where you will be temporarily off the grid!


Chief’s Camp & Vumbura Camp

Chief’s Camp
Vumbura Camp
With only 10 suites and 14 suites respectively, Chief’s Camp and Vumbura Camp offer contrasting wildlife experiences within the broader Okavango Delta. Being high-touch, luxury camps, their critical demand during the June – August or year-end December season require booking 9 months – 1 year in advance.

South America


La Pinta

We feel the two highest quality medium-size vessels are the Xperience and La Pinta.  Both the Xperience and the La Pinta offer the perfect balance of a premier wildlife experience with quality comfortability and stability: stability/security of a larger ship, while not degrading the more personal, intimate wildlife off-shore experience. 


The 141 ft., 318 ton Integrity yacht is the ideal vessel for extended families or groups of friends wishing for a more private luxury Galapagos sailing experience.


Explora Patagonia

With only 49 rooms, the Explora Patagonia is the most sought after Patagonia lodge during the hiking season of November – mid-April. As many of you know, we love this place!


M/V ARIA Amazon Expedition Vessel

Custom built by noted Peruvian architect Jordi Puig, the ARIA includes 16 air-conditioned cabins (250 sq. ft.), all featuring updated bathrooms/showers, floor-to-ceiling windows and 24/7 hot water access (!) The vessel is limited to 32 guests, in addition to 24 crew members, including a paramedic and four naturalist guides. Other features include indoor bar, spacious dining room, observation deck, a small workout area (treadmill and stationary bike) and 5-Star, Peruvian cuisine. We feel the ARIA’s biggest draw is its ability to provide guests with an immersive, very personal wildlife adventure experience in the Amazon. 

My Lincoln Park/North Pond blooming, spring walking route to school! 
Taken with my iPhone 7 (!)

Greetings Fellow Global Teen Travelers!

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