Kipling & Clark | June 18, 2015 K & C Global Travel Snapshot
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June 18, 2015 K & C Global Travel Snapshot

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12 May June 18, 2015 K & C Global Travel Snapshot


Finally, after innumerable trips to our beloved Paris, we made a stop at the 164 ft. tall Arc de Triomphe; the world’s largest traffic roundabout and the meeting point of 12 avenues and three arrondissements (!) Commissioned by Napoleon in 1806, it was finally completed in 1836. It is well worth the 248 step climb up to the viewing platform for a great view of the dozen broad avenues.


June 18th, 2015
Kipling & Clark
Global Private Travel Snapshot


Greetings friends, clients, and trusted global suppliers!


With the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup hockey Championship, we are in particularly good spirits here in rainy/humid Chicago.
Please enjoy perusing our global private travel snapshot including a brief review of the “Vasari Corridor” in Florence, the somewhat neglected Arc de Triomphe in Paris, Machu Picchu’s ideally located Sanctuary Lodge, Southeast Asia (Burma), otherworldly Iceland, and Zen’s Journal.


Many thanks! + Safe travels/Godspeed to all.


Randy Lynch



Vasari Corridor, Florence (Private Entry Basis)

We feel this is a special private cultural experience while traveling in Florence. This Kilometer-long passageway stretches across the Arno River from the Palazzo Vecchio/Uffizi Gallery on the northern bank to the Palazzo Pitti on the south. The Corridor was built in 1564 by Giorgio Vasari. The corridor was conceived by the Medici family so that they could travel privately between their home (Palazzo Pitti) and the seat of government at Palazzo Vecchio. The corridor is lined with self-portraits, including some by Bernini and Ingres. Striking views of the Arno River.



View our updated Kipling & Clark “blue” booklet in the gallery above. Available for our clients traveling to this most beautiful city.


Machu Picchu


Sanctuary Lodge, located WITHIN Machu Picchu

This 31-room lodge is the only hotel adjacent to the ruins, a location that grants special access to this other-worldly place. Based on its management by the Oriental Express folks, the service and overall dining options here are good quality. However, we do not consider the sanctuary accommodations as 5-Star or luxury. The fundamental and priceless benefit of staying at the Sanctuary Lodge is direct access to the adjacentMachu Picchu ruins. Being able to stroll the ruins in the morning, without the many crowds, is truly a unique, surreal experience (!)


Southeast Asia


Shwedagon Paya, Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)

Buddhism fully embraces the concept of altruism, kindness/empathy to others, and service. Think of Buddhism as The Golden Rule (squared!). It is no coincidence that the Buddhist-based cultures of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, and parts of India, represent the highest level of service and hospitality that you will find anywhere.



One of Iceland’s many otherworldly attractions, the Blue Lagoon; although man-made, the lagoon was formed over a natural geothermal spring, laden with therapeutic mineral-rich water.




Zen’s Journal

Greetings Fellow Teen Travelers!
  • Now that I have finally graduated from 8th grade, my freshman year stands in front of me. Middle school seemed a bit like a soap opera sometimes. Sure hope high school does not become an extended “chick flick”.
  • I am now in “Math Camp” at Francis W. Parker. Yes, I know I volunteered to do this to sharpen my math skills, but I did not expect hours of homework in the summer!
  • I’ve also started guitar lessons. They are going well but I feel I have much to learn. I had one Rock 101 class and the kids who have been playing for a few years are intimidating.
  • I long to go back to Paris and Italy for a quick summer trip. Iceland is also on my list. A lot of greenery and a lot of snow; so many contrasts to explore! Machu Picchu or Japan in April?